The group consists of owner-producers who rely on a unique network of talent partnerships. 
Executive Director Ted Philipakos organizes this web of production capability as well as in-house brand assets.
Ted Philipakos
An international football executive and consultant with experience as CEO/CMO of Italian football clubs Venezia F.C. and A.C. Reggiana, where he led innovative revivals of these historic brands. 
A former football player representative as well as professor of sports marketing at New York University's Tisch Institute for Global Sport. He is a published author and native of Queens, New York currently based in Europe.
Football Concierge Studio
Diego Moscosoni spent time producing collaborations at LVMH before  launching Football Concierge, an experimental incubator exploring futurism and "building the football" [soccer.]
The incubator has employed fan-sourcing and built a digital-to-physical,                        "artificial football club" run by players, artists, and entrepreneurs.
 Concierge studio is design contributor for Football Cafe and Moscosoni is football manager at Nowhere FC.
Kaveh Akbari
Before joining Fly Nowhere, Akbari served as Senior Manager of Athlete Partnerships at Roc Nation. 
Previously he spent several years as Vice President of Marketing & Athlete Partnerships at NFL player agency MBK Sports Management
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